Presently, I am working as a Tech PMO Lead. I managed the software development process, encouraging the use of automation, unit test, I’ve successfully coordinate & push the ERP launch in Indonesia.

Along with working in project management I have also worked in some outside projects with my team. The list of those outside projects includes:

1. Mataharitengah.com & tukarpoin.co.id

Mataharitengah.com & tukarpoin.co.id project is building Web Site, CMS & Integration with game payment system for game point to be exchanged to real gifts.

2. Gopremi.com

Gopremi.com Selling Insurance online such as travel insurance, health insurance and property insurance etc, at the time of development it support manual bank transfers

3. Vaccine Time

Vaccine Time was all about creating Android Apps to remind parents on the vaccination schedule of their children, with searchable nearest hospital /Puskesmas location.